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About Comstar

Customer First


A consistent focus on providing and maintaining exceptional services and products is the basis for Comstar Industries' management philosophy and the ultimate goal for all of our business activity.  Comstar Industries policy commitment is to:

  • Consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ quality expectations.
  • Maintain a constant attitude of “customer satisfaction first” as our daily goal.
  • Continuously pursue quality improvement through various processes that will enable each employee to do any job right the first time and every time.


Our technical expertise allows Comstar to approach manufacturing with a focus on design that enables us to optimize the efficiency of the processes that follow.  Our dedication to quality and customer service cannot and will not be comprised.  We may not be the “lowest bidder”, but we will offer the lowest cost when the advantages of doing business with Comstar Industries are factored into your product life.

Engineering Support

At Comstar we pride ourselves on our engineering expertise and it shows.  Our experience in the design of our products, in partnership with your knowledge of your product requirements, provides you with the assurance of success.  From your first association with Customer Service through product delivery, you’ll find that the professionalism we bring to you, our customer, manifests itself in high quality, reduced costs and shortened delivery times.  


Our commitment to you, our customer, is that you will receive your product on time, every time.  

  • We accept blanket orders, scheduled orders, JIT delivery and Kanban
  • We maintain overstock on most parts that will be available to our customers at the most recent price.
  • We expedite rush orders whenever possible and only pass on to our customers the costs we directly incur in so doing.



Comstar Industries was originally formed as a partnership in February 1988.  In July 1990, Dave Goff bought out his partner's interest and operated as a sole proprietorship until August 1999, at which time Comstar gained corporate status.  Our manufacturing capabilities were broadened in 2004 by the acquisition of Industrial Graphics, Inc.  Comstar Industries, Inc.  is currently operating as an "S" Corp.   In 2018, Comstar was fully acquired by Becker's Fabrication.



Dave Goff is President and CEO of Comstar Industries, Inc.  Dave received electronics training in the U.S. Navy and received a BSME from the University of Southern California.  After 10 years at Hughes Aircraft Co., he entered the commercial electronics industry and was Switch Engineering Department Manager at EECO, Inc. (for many years a leading membrane switch manufacturer).  Dave left EECO to become Director of Operations for Amerex Co. (injection molding) and was later named General Manager of Orange County Plastic Molding.  The opportunity to form Comstar Industries brought him to the position he currently occupies.


Message From The President

On the occasion that I am a customer, I have high expectations of satisfaction.  I am not easily satisfied.  I expect the products or services that I buy to meet my needs as I define those needs, both in function and quality.  I don’t expect bargains, but I do expect to pay fair prices.  I expect the person with whom I am dealing to be straightforward in dealing with me and I expect any commitments made as part of those dealings to be fulfilled.  

That said, I have provided myself a pretty fair guideline for operating my own company, Comstar Industries.

I am committed to the premise that every Comstar customer’s expectations will be met, and I am committed to instilling that attitude in every Comstar employee.  In light of the foregoing, it must be acknowledged that if they are to be met, expectations must be realistic, and so it is incumbent upon Comstar to work alongside our customers to provide the product information and guidance necessary to insure satisfaction.  That is, perhaps, the most important aspect of customer service.

I concede that Comstar may not be the low bid on many jobs we quote.  Our pricing is based on the cost of materials and labor necessary to assure that a high quality product will be supplied to our customers on, or before, an agreed upon delivery date.  That some potential customers are willing to sacrifice high quality for low price will not cause us to compromise our quality in pursuit of that business.  Comstar constantly pursues improved efficiencies, including lower material costs, less waste, improved processes and employee training, to provide our customers with the best possible value.  

As a part of the community in which Comstar operates, both professionally and geographically, we strive to perpetuate the highest standards of citizenship and commerce.  Comstar enjoys an ethnically diverse workforce and places a high priority on the furtherance of the educations of our employees.

What it all boils down to is that I want Comstar Industries to be the kind of company with which I like doing business.

Dave Goff

4009 W Segerstrom Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 556-1400 fax: (714) 556-1127