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Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays are printed using a reversed image on the second surface (back side) of clear plastic sheet, usually polycarbonate (e.g., Lexan) or polyester (e.g., Mylar) with a laminated, linered adhesive backing.

A graphic overlay, whether it's the top layer of a membrane switch or a stand-alone component, may be your customer's first impression of your product. It has to be the best to make the best impression.  Not only does it need to make a good first impression, but must continue to look good and endure the service it is expected to provide.  Our design team can assist you in selecting optimum materials, options and processes to assure the success of any application.

Graphic Overlay Design Options


  • Polyester
  • Polycarbonate
  • Sanitral AP™ – Comstar’s new anti-bacterial protection film


  • Gloss
  • Hardcoat
  • Texture
  • Selective texture

Anti-glare windows

Dead front

Transparent colored windows (filters)


  • Keypad
  • Tactile Dome
  • LED windows

Repositionable Mounting Adhesive

Raised gloss logo

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